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Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Kaori is one of the world's leading Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger manufacturers. We are dedicated to providing the best fit customizable heat transfer solutions to each client which result in lower energy usage and costs. Kaori constantly develop innovative thermal solutions and providing high performance, comprehensive quality, reliable, cost-competitive products to remain the heating and cooling industry's trusted partner.

Straight Folded Fin

Material Aluminum,Copper,SST,Inconel Super Alloy and any other request.


高力是世界頂尖的硬銲型板式熱交換器製造商之一。我們提供最優質客製化板式熱交換器給客戶,幫助減少能源的使用以及降低成本。高力持續地研究及發展創新的熱傳技術,提供高性能、高品質、耐用可靠、經濟實惠的產品,不斷地努力成為製熱和製冷產業可靠的夥伴。 歡迎參考我們提供給各產業的高性能熱交換器解決方案,或是到產品總覽查詢更詳細的產品資訊;此外,您也可以連至產品搜尋依照您的應用工況搜尋最適合您需求的熱交換器。

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